We are excited to bring mainstream Yoga to the city of Vaughan. Yoga Bodies programs are conveniently run within the studio 7-days a week. Yoga Bodies has a variety of certified and experienced instructors, levels and types of classes to meet the needs of every individual. Regardless of your age or experience, Yoga has benefits including: increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone, improved respiration and energy, weight loss, improved cardio and circulatory health, stress reduction, improved athletic performance and protection from injury. We are thrilled to be offering these programs!

A variety of classes including Yoga, Hot Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Core, Power, Yin (Stretch) Yoga, Meditation and more.  We also offer Zumba Fitness, Kids Zumba Fitness, BoxFit, Bootcamp, Salsa Fitness, Belly Dance Fitness and Pilates Classes.  Come see what makes Yoga Bodies a mind, body and soul experience and the best mainstream yoga program in Vaughan.  We truly believe Yoga Bodies is for everybody. 

Visit www.yogabodies.ca for more information on classes and packages.